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The buckwheat flower season reaching its peak in Ha Giang

Every year, throughout the months of October and November, Ha Giang Mountains wear one of their most beautiful dresses. The province, famous for its Geopark and breath taking mountain sceneries, is covered in buckwheat flowers. An unmissable opportunity for domestic travelers coming from all over the country to discover this remote region at the far North , and take romantic, kitschy pictures.

A province remote, yet on the rise


Not so long ago, few years at most, Ha Giang Province was very hard to access for foreigners and an unappealing dry and rocky destination for domestic travelers. That was before. Since then, the province opened wider its doors to foreigners. The stability of the Chinese frontier area and the forecast of a new source of income from tourism certainly helped.


Since then, Vietnamese society changed as well. It changed quickly and deeply. People discovered holiday and the desire to see new places. Every year the phenomenon is growing bigger. Every holiday or special happening is a chance for Vietnamese to move in mass to all corners of the country. And while the first favorite destinations were mostly seaside, there is a new appeal for more “adventurous” destination. And Ha Giang is finally recognized as one of the most beautiful provinces of the country.



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