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Hanoi is the cheapest and New York the most expensive

TripAdvisor reveals the cost of a summer break in 20 cities around the world

  • TripAdvisor looked at the cost of travel to 20 destinations around the world
  • They checked costs including for hotels, taxis and food to work out value
  • Most expensive destinations tended to have the most expensive hotels too 

Hanoi is the best value destination for Brits according to an annual travel index from TripAdvisor.

Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur were also among the cheapest cities to visit for a three-night break during the summer according to the travel reviews website.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York has again come out as one of the most expensive cities to visit.

van mien

Hanoi is the best value destination for Brits according to an annual travel index of 20 world cities from reviews site TripAdvisor


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The annual TripIndex Cities was compiled by TripAdvisor with research firm TNS for travel between June and September this year for two people.

They looked a number of factors affecting the cost of a trip for 20 cities, including a four-star hotel for three nights, a visit to three attractions, lunch each day, a taxi to and from dinner each day, plus the cost of dinner itself.

Excluding flights, the average price of a short break is a staggering £740.

Hanoi is the cheapest with a three-night break costing two people £373.29 while New York is the most expensive, where the trip will set you back £1,372.28.

Accommodation made up 52 per cent of the cost of the break, which meant that destinations where hotels were more expensive were more costly overall.

new york

A three-night break in New York (pictured) will, on average, set you back £1,372.28, with hotels making up bulk of the costs

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For example, Hanoi, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur were among the cheapest for accommodation, and therefore the overall cost of the trip while New York, Cancun and London were among the most expensive.

When it comes to food, the best value lunches and dinners can be found in Cape Town, Mumbai and Bali.

Gourmets will probably find themselves out of pockets in Hong Kong and Tokyo – two of the most expensive cities for food.

The cost of taxis and attractions vary wildly between different cities.

Hong Kong was the only city that offered free attractions in this study while in Cancun, it will cost you £97.43.

When it comes to transport, it’s best to go public in Tokyo the cost of taxi rides in the city can total £85.47 over the three-day break.


Cancun (pictured) in Mexico is surprisingly expensive – at fourth position – and cost of attractions there can set you back almost £100
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